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Briarwood Barracudas Swim Meet 2022

    How do you Find Your Picture? There are several ways!

  1. This race does not use Race Numbers or Bib #'s. You will need to find your photo by Finishing Time OR using Color Analysis.
  2. Do you know your finishing time?
    Your finishing time is based on the clock start time and not necessarily on your RFID/Chip time.
  3. Race Final Results
  4. You can look through all pictures.
  5. Do you know the Picture Number?
  6. Do you know the Picture Name?
  • See the graph distribution of pictures for the entire race.
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    My time is based on the time offset from the start of the race. We typically have a photographer slightly before the finish line.
    So, if you finished the race in exactly 30 minutes, you should look between 29 and 30 minutes because that's when you passed the photographers.

    What was your finishing time? :

    If there are 5,000 images of a race you can go right to the 2500th
    picture using the below form.

    Do you know the name of the picture?
    It should look like TSP_XXXXXX.JPG, where the X's are numbers.